Indo Science Knowledge Trips

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So, you like visiting places.

So, you like visiting places of education.

So, you like visiting places of science education.

So, you like visiting places of space science education.

To really learn science, don’t travel with travel agents. Travel with science educators. Travel with Indo Science.

While most schools have educational trips every year and many of these are for science, we can easily observe the learning patterns while visiting museums and science centres.

  1. Students walk individually or in small groups.
  2. They scan for familiar exhibits.
  3. If they find something interesting or familiar, they walk up to it and try it.
  4. Sometimes they just go to the nearest exhibit and try it.
  5. They may read the small panel of information.
  6. They move on to more exhibits, whether they understand or not, until it is time to leave.


Often the teacher accompanying the students isn’t a science teacher or has knowledge about only some of the exhibits. The teacher’s role becomes more of an administrator than educator. The result is that the knowledge gained is only 10-15% of that possible under active guidance.

Gujarat Science City

Indo Science has planned the Knowledge Visits to provide active guidance and unusual learning opportunities. We are not tour operators. We are educators. We are passionate about science education. We constantly update ourselves with knowledge of science to share with students, especially school students.

The theme of space sciences is of special interest to us as we see a great future in it for our students. Also, space is a great theme to learn various aspects of science. Therefore, we often have a special focus on space sciences on many trips. What is our expertise in space sciences? We are the organisers of the National Space and Science Fest, the largest space and science events for schools in India.

Tour Details

Ahmedabad Tour

Bengaluru-Mysuru Tour

Write to us for tours to Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai-Sriharikota, and local industrial trips (near Pune). Itinerary for these tours will be published soon.

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