This program is primarily aimed at imparting basic knowledge on Space technology, Space sciences, Satellite and many more organized by INDO SCIENCE EDUCATION TRUST.


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Indo Science Education Trust has been set up with the aim of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in our education system. Also developing scientific, logical thinking

Space Club

The Space Club of India was developed under advice from ISRO scientists. Indo Science team has further developed it after researching various space-based activity programs from all over the world.

About Us

Indo Science Education Trust has been set up with the aim of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in our education system.

Also developing scientific, logical thinking and creative thinking skills in youth to cultivate them into tomorrow’s scientist. We have lots of good schools in the countryside, suburbs, and slums that need help in raising the level of education by change in methodology and low-cost education tools.


Number of rural students reached


Number of students engaged in robotics


Number of students engaged in competitions


Number of teachers engaged, along with students

Our science and tech programs for school students

Science toys Form waste

We perform different types of activities that not only help students gain scientific knowledge but also apply that knowledge

Science and tech activities

We have performed over 980 class – wise science activities in schools and colleges and gave lectures aligning by the thoughts of our vision and mission

Satellite and space tech program

We aspire to thrive in Satellite making programs. It consists of -Making a CAN – SAT (Pepsi or Cola CAN sized satellite) - Basic rocket making

Robotics and innovative engineering

We strongly believe that robots are the future and next – gen advanced multifunctioning systems that will make our tasks much more convenient and easier.



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Space Talk

Space Talk

Space Talk

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Our Team

Here’s the Advisory board, that’s growing

Dr. Pramod Kale

Former Ex-Director; Space Applications Centre Ahmedabad Ex-Director, VSSC

Dr. M C Uttam

Hon. Director, ISRO-UoP Space Technology Cell, Pune University

Mr. Arun Kumar Sinha

Ex-Director (R & D) BVDUCOE, PUNE. Former Senior Scientist, ISRO

Jayant Joshi

Ex Division Head & Associate Project Director, INSAT & GSAT Satellites

Dr.C M Nagrani

Former ISRO Senior Scientist, Space Applications Centre

Dr. V B Lal

Ex-Group Director MSSG, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum

Mr. Hemanshu Pandya

Scientist-SG, In Charge, Pioneer of Outreach Activities of ISRO

Dr. Suresh Naik

Chairman International Space Society, Ex-Group Director ISRO

Mr. Deepak Pandya

Rtd Engineer , SAC , Ahmedabad

Dr. Subramaniam Ananthakrishnan

President of International Radio Science

Dr. Manisha khaladkar

Incharge of SWAYAM satelite, COEP

Mr. Shrikant Balkrishnarao Walwadkar

Veteran Group Captain

Mrs.Nivedita Nitin Madkikar


Mr. Santosh Pise

President, Indo Science Education Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Do this institute teach science subjects only?

No, We teach about robotics, technology, satelite programming. We also conduct lectures of astronomy, aeromodeling,

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Indoscience Education Trust

Indo Science believes that developing scientific thinking can solve a number of problems faced by our society viz. employment issues to social issues. Children are present and future of our society and they are a curious by nature. Our program focuses mainly on children to support their scientific curiosity and in turn the program gets support from their curious minds.

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